In-Person Sales Training

Revolutionize your sales and service approach to women ages 18 to 45

Learn to connect with female clients with an in-person training session from the founder of PhaseMatcher

Frustrated because you can’t figure out what makes your female clients happy or return consistently? Or she isn’t making the number or types of purchases you hoped she would?

Despite what many might suspect, women aren’t a mystery. Many of the changes in their spending behaviors are simply driven by biology:

Research shows that the majority of women ages 18 to 45 shift between two distinct shopping phases roughly every two weeks—and this makes them respond to sales and service techniques in completely opposite ways.

Fortunately, it’s a easy to pinpoint which shopping phase your client is in: You simply look and listen for certain clues, such as the sound of her voice and the clothes she’s wearing.

Once you understand this, you can “phase match”—which is delivering the kind of sales and service experience your client wants based on the shopping phase she’s in.

This will, in turn, inspire the customer loyalty and greater investment in your company and products that you’re looking for from her.

In Person Sales Training

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What Gabrielle’s Sales Training includes

This 75-minute engaging, interactive PhaseMatcher training session enables you and your team to create a stronger, faster connection with female clients ages 18 to 45—right away

That’s because it walks you through these simple-to-follow steps:

Understanding women have two shopping phases

  • The majority of women ages 18 to 45 shift between two distinct shopping phases—and this makes them respond to your sales and service techniques in completely opposite ways
  • This shift occurs roughly every two weeks
  • It’s based on biology—fluctuating hormones impact her spending habits, mood, energy and other facets that drive her buying decisions

Using clues to pinpoint a client’s shopping phase

  • Listen for signs when she talks, such as the sound of her voice and how she laughs
  • Look for tip-offs in her appearance, such as her clothing and make-up
  • Pay attention to her mannerisms, such as her hand gestures and posture

Knowing what to expect in each shopping phase

  • The amount she intends to spend—and what makes her spend more or less
  • The type of product or service she prefers
  • What she wants to know about the products and services she’s purchasing
  • What she wants from you in the shopping or service experience
  • Whether she’s open or resistant to trying something new
  • What motivates her to close the deal

Phase matching your sales and service approach

  • Use phase-specific “conversation keys” to create an instant connection
  • Create the type of shopping experience she craves
  • Emphasize the product or service information that’s most persuasive to her
  • Generate offers that appeal to her most based on her shopping phase


  • Create marketing strategies that appeal to women in both shopping phases at once
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