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Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of PhaseMatcher Consulting, is introducing a revolutionary approach to the sales and service industry. It’s a concept that has been entirely overlooked—but will forever change how sales and service professionals serve women ages 18 to 45.

It’s a concept she calls the “PhaseMatcher” approach.

In her motivating and educational keynote speech, Gabrielle explains why this simple approach is the key to increasing sales and creating lasting loyalty from female clientele.

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Gabrielle Lichterman

What your guests will learn

Women 18 to 45 shift between two shopping phases

The majority of women ages 18 to 45 shift back and forth between two distinct shopping phases roughly every two weeks—and this makes them respond to sales and service techniques in completely opposite ways.

  • In one shopping phase, she loves to spend and wants a high-energy, interactive experience.
  • In the other shopping phase, she’s looking for ways to save and wants a low-key, mellow experience.

These changes are spurred by simple biology: Fluctuating hormones impact her spending habits, mood, energy and other facets that drive her shopping behavior.

Shopping phases indicate her shopping behaviors

Knowing which of the two shopping phases your client is currently in reveals…

  • The amount she intends to spend—and what makes her spend more or less
  • The type of product or service she prefers
  • What she wants to know about the products and services she’s purchasing
  • What she wants from you in the shopping or service experience
  • Whether she’s open or resistant to trying something new
  • What motivates her to close the deal

Clues indicate which shopping phase she’s in

Sales and service industry professionals don’t need to know a thing about a woman’s biology or hormones to figure out which shopping phase a client is currently in.

That’s because the same biological changes behind her shopping behaviors also create easy-to-spot clues that help anyone quickly and easily pinpoint a client’s shopping phase.

These clues include listening to her voice, gauging her energy and mood, looking at her clothing and accessories and watching her mannerisms.

Use the PhaseMatcher approach to win her over

Once you identify which shopping phase your client is in, you’ll know what she wants out of her sales and service experience.

This information enables you to “phase match”—which means providing the type of experience that makes her happiest. For example, you may give her more attention or give her more space to browse, raise or lower your energy and share the kind of information about a product or service she wants to know.

The result? She’ll enjoy doing business with you every time.

What your guests will walk away with

  • They will learn about the revolutionary new sales and service technique for women ages 18 to 45 called the PhaseMatcher approach
  • They will be able to understand what drives their female client to purchase a product or service based on the shopping phase she’s in
  • They will get easy-to-implement tools that enable them to start using the PhaseMatcher approach to improve their clients’ experience and boost their business immediately

About PhaseMatcher founder Gabrielle Lichterman

Gabrielle Lichterman is a pioneering expert in how biology drives the behavior of women ages 18 to 45.

As an author, journalist and founder of Hormonology, for over 20 years, Gabrielle has been examining studies and reporting on how hormones impact a woman’s mood, energy, spending habits and more.

She’s integrated hundreds of these studies from marketing and medical journals to create an overarching, holistic view of hormonal effects on shopping behavior—resulting in the PhaseMatcher approach to sales and service.

Gabrielle has been widely featured in the media (including TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasts and websites) for her expertise on how biology drives women’s behavior.

And, she served as a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble’s Always “Have a happy period” campaign and Instead Softcup.

Learn more about Gabrielle including how she was inspired to create the PhaseMatcher sales and service approach.

More about Gabrielle

  • Author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Moods, Health and Potential
  • Founder of Hormonology®—an educational outreach mission that teaches women and girls how the hormones impact their moods, health and behavior
  • Creator of popular suite of Hormone Horoscope® and Female Forecaster apps that provide daily summaries about women’s moods and behavior based on hormonal effects
  • Featured widely in the media for her women’s behavior expertise including on TV (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX in the U.S.), in newspapers and magazines and on radio, podcasts and websites
  • Served as a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble’s Always “Have a Happy Period” campaign and Instead Softcup
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