PhaseMatcher Consulting—a consulting firm revolutionizing your sales and service approach

PhaseMatcher Consulting was founded by Gabrielle Lichterman, author, journalist and pioneering expert in how biology drives the behavior of women ages 18 to 45

For more than 20 years, Gabrielle has been examining published studies and reporting on how hormones impact a woman’s mood, energy, spending habits and more.

Gabrielle has integrated hundreds of these studies from marketing and medical journals to create an overarching, holistic view of hormonal effects on shopping behavior—resulting in the revolutionary PhaseMatcher approach to sales and service.

Gabrielle Lichterman

The Benefits You’ll Gain From PhaseMatcher Consulting

  • You get “insider info” that helps you understand your female clients ages 18 to 45 a whole new way
  • You learn how to “PhaseMatch”—which means giving her the experience that makes her happiest based on which of two shopping phases she’s in
  • You know what will make her spend more or less
  • You discover what inspires her to close the deal
  • You reach more female clients ages 18 to 45 by tailoring your marketing strategies


Gabrielle Lichterman is renowned for her expertise on the biology behind the behavior of women ages 18 to 45. That’s because she’s been studying it and writing about it for more than 20 years as a women’s health journalist and founder of Hormonology.

Gabrielle is also a highly-regarded consumer trends and finance journalist whose weekly column appeared in Woman’s World magazine for more than 10 years.


Hormone expertise

For more than 20 years, Gabrielle was a sought-after women’s health journalist who wrote for dozens of major print publications around the globe including CosmoGirl, Glamour, Marie Claire, New York Daily News, Self, Teen People and Woman’s World.

During this time, she took a special interest in women’s hormones and pioneered the now-growing trend of service reporting that explores how estrogen, testosterone and progesterone impact women in a multitude of ways all cycle long.

After researching and reporting on hormonal effects, Gabrielle wrote the groundbreaking book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health and Potential, founded Hormonology (an educational outreach mission teaching women and girls about their hormonal effects) and created the popular suite of Hormone Horoscope apps (for women and teen girls) and Female Forecaster app (for boyfriends and husbands), which deliver a daily summary of how hormones impact moods, health and behavior every day of a woman’s cycle.

Gabrielle has been featured widely around the globe for her hormone expertise. These include appearances on TV (such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in the U.S.), radio and podcasts, in newspapers and magazines and for websites.

Gabrielle has also served as a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble’s Always “Have a Happy Period” campaign and Instead Softcup.


Consumer trends and finance expertise

Gabrielle is also a well-respected consumer trends and finance journalist. For more than 10 years, she wrote a weekly column for Woman’s World magazine (the best-selling women’s weekly print publication in the U.S.) reporting on emerging changes in the retail and service industries, consumer behavior, marketing, advertising, pricing structures, technology and the psychology of shopping.

She kept close track of the latest news, studies and surveys covering a wide scope of retail and service industries including apparel, automotive, big box stores, cosmetics, department stores, discount retailers, drugstores, entertainment, furniture, groceries, healthcare, home delivery, hotels, off-price retailers, online shopping, pharmaceuticals, rental cars, restaurants, ride-sharing, salons, shoes, spas and warehouse stores. Gabrielle continues to stay abreast of these topics and report on them in her PhaseMatcher blog.


Gabrielle’s “a-ha!” moment

Gabrielle has long known that women shift between two distinct shopping phases roughly every two weeks. She’s been teaching this to her legion of female Hormonology fans for years.

But one day Gabrielle had an epiphany: She noticed that she was becoming frustrated while shopping, getting services and dealing with contractors because they weren’t providing the kind of service that matched her shopping phase. She realized then that sales and service providers need this vital information about women’s shopping phases, too!

“I often found myself wishing that the salesperson, hair stylist, contractor and other person I was dealing with could tell which shopping phase I was in. That way, the person would know the kind of shopping experience I wanted and how to better serve my needs. When the person was out of sync with me, I’ve felt like just walking away—and, in fact, have done just that! But, when they’re in sync, I’ve spent more and written positive reviews on Yelp and even to their company president!”

Realizing that this “insider info” on women could improve millions of women’s shopping and service experiences—and, in turn, benefit retail and service professionals—Gabrielle decided it was time to share it with the sales and service industry.

So, she founded PhaseMatcher Consulting and offers in-person sales training, business consultation and keynote speaking services.


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  • Author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Moods, Health and Potential
  • Founder of Hormonology®—an educational outreach mission that teaches women and girls how hormones in their cycle impact moods, health and behavior
  • Creator of the popular suite of Hormone Horoscope® apps and Female Forecaster app that provide daily summaries about women’s moods and behavior based on hormonal effects
  • Featured widely in the media for her hormone expertise including on TV (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX in the U.S.), in newspapers and magazines and on radio, podcasts and websites
  • Served as a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble’s Always “Have a Happy Period” campaign and Instead Softcup
  • More than 20 years of researching and reporting on how hormones impact women’s moods, health and behavior
  • More than 20 years as a women’s health journalist for major print publications around the globe, including Glamour, Marie Claire, Self and Woman’s World
  • More than 10 years as a weekly consumer trends and finance columnist for Woman’s World magazine reporting on emerging changes in the retail and service industries, consumer behavior and the psychology of shopping
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