Author and women’s behavior expert Gabrielle Lichterman is pioneering a new sales and service technique—the PhaseMatcher approach.


It gives your female clients a better experience
while boosting your bottom line.


And you can start applying it immediately!

Connect with your female clients

Do you provide sales or service to women ages 18 to 45 and ever wonder why…


  • She is perfectly happy with your sales or service on one visit, but she is unhappy with the same exact experience on another visit?
  • She seems interested in buying, but ends up leaving before making the sale?
  • She visits once, then doesn’t return?
  • She visits multiple times, but then stops coming back?
  • She doesn’t connect with the kind of information you’re sharing about a product or service that you thought she’d love to know?
  • She simply isn’t making the number or types of purchases you hoped she would?


And you couldn’t pinpoint the cause?


The problem is likely the cookie-cutter approach to sales and service that marketing instructors have been teaching for decades: It relies on applying the same marketing techniques the same way every time.


However, this doesn’t work with the majority of women ages 18 to 45.


Why? Because research shows that most women in this age range shift back and forth between two distinct shopping phases roughly every two weeks—and this makes them respond to sales and service techniques in completely opposite ways.


The good news? You can quickly and easily determine which shopping phase your female client is in, then use a new technique—the PhaseMatcher approach—to provide the sales and service experience she will love every time!

What is the PhaseMatcher approach?

The PhaseMatcher approach is a revolutionary new way to connect with your female clients ages 18 to 45. This easy technique will make them happier and more fulfilled with the products and services you offer—while boosting your bottom line.


Once you discover phase matching, you’ll never return to your old way of sales and service again.


The PhaseMatcher approach is based on 3 key points:


1. The majority of women ages 18 to 45 shift back and forth between two distinct shopping phases roughly every two weeks that have them preferring opposite approaches with sales and service:


  • In one shopping phase, they prefer an upbeat, interactive experience where excitement and newness spur them to spend.
  • In the other shopping phase, they want a low-key, mellow experience where time-sensitive discounts and guarantees spur them to spend.


These two shopping phases are based on female biology and are backed by hundreds of published studies.


2. There are easy-to-spot clues that you can see and hear (such as looking at the clothing she’s wearing and listening to how quickly she speaks) that reveal which shopping phase your female client is in.


3. Once you identify her shopping phase, you can phase match—which means quickly adapting the way you provide sales and service to make her happier and more fulfilled, leading to greater loyalty and investment in your products and services.

The PhaseMatcher approach gives you “insider information”

The PhaseMatcher approach goes beyond standard marketing techniques you’ve heard over and over. It allows you to understand your client in a whole new way.


That’s because each shopping phase includes a specific cluster of behaviors. As a result, when you spot a clue that identifies which shopping phase your client is in, you’ll know all the behaviors associated with that shopping phase, such as:


  • The amount she intends to spend—and what makes her spend more or less
  • The type of product or service she prefers
  • What she wants to know about the products and services she’s purchasing
  • What she wants from you in the shopping or service experience
  • Whether she’s open or resistant to trying something new
  • What motivates her to close the deal

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